Short films

Dir Ingel Vaikla
Estonia, Belgium 2017, 30 min

Roosenberg is a place, a space, a building, a film. Roosenberg is Amanda, Godelieve, Rosa and Trees. Roosenberg is a letter that tells of an encounter with four elderly nuns in a fascinating monastery in Belgium, before the building was vacated. The every day communal life of four sisters, their religious practice and final departure from the building tells the story of modernist architecture. It is a memory, a story of a space at the beginning of the end.

Letting Go / Lahtilaskmise lugu
Dir Ülo Pikkov
Estonia 2017, 11 min

Our culture is based on stories. Stories make up our foundation. We can look at our lives as a story – our biography is our life story. Like the stories, some people are tragic and some are funny and some we do not understand at all. But what happens when these stories shouldn’t be told? Is it possible to let go of a story, to give it up? Is it possible to make a film about a girl whose only desire is to be rid of her story and to forget it for good.
“Letting Go” is an animated documentary about a young girl who wants to let go of the shadows that haunt her past.

Dir Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni
India, Denmark 2017, 30 min

A dream came to me
from who knows where
having slept as two
I awake as one
the other wasn’t there

Two young men on a blind date start their journey outside the city. Unknowingly they become a part of maze of a pilgrimage
of sadhus. They look around, they observe, they smile, they doubt, they whisper. They are lost, they are found. They reach an
unknown space, far from where they had started.

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