DocMa – Fresh Blood

Special screening of the Documentary Film Master Programme of the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School. Over the past year and a students have worked on three different films, which have concerned diverse themes and approaches to documentary cinema. For this screening the best of this process have been selected.

Free entrance.

Unscathed / Vigastamatult
Dir Dmitri Šušujev

Bert Ribul is a BMX Freestyle Sport Athlete whose discipline is BMX Flatland. After a serious knee injury that has put him out of the sport for 2 years he is facing his demons of the past injury and overcoming them without being hurt again.

Writing a Life
Dir Reeli Reinaus

How is it to live in the country side where water is to be brought from the city, your closest friend is a sheep and all you desire is to be a full-time poet? The answer is known only to Võike Kulmus who lives in a small house in Lõuna-Eesti whose day is spent largely on everyday tasks. Observational documentary reflects the eternal conflict of art and everyday life.

Some Notes About Love
Dir Maris Kerge

At one moment I realized that being a filmmaker gives me freedom. I began seeing my solitude not as a mistake but as a creative starting point. So, I decided to make an experiment. To live with a person who I don’t know from before, and to document our relationship. I wanted to find out if art can substitute real life. And to explore the possibility of unconditional love.

Dir Hõbe Ilus

Margus, 17, once opened his eyes to the world earlier than planned. Ever since, he has been guided through life by his loving family. This film is about Margus and his mother and the unconditional love that unfolds through shared creativity and
the sense of presence.

Little Resistance
Dir Ruta Pakalne

Movement classes are part of Ruila Põhikool curriculum, with a goal to develop body awareness and togetherness that is explored by the students. The focus of the film is to open up the necessity of having movement classes in daily life for kids. In this case kids that are given the approach that is quite alternative and gives them freedom, but they are still part of an alternative system that they try to join or not. Even if it is good for them, there is still someone who does not want to be subordinated to the practise.

Old Man and His Grandson
Dir Mihkel Oksmann

The film explores the personal gap between two man from different generations. Story wraps around the filmmaker and his 80-year old grandfather Vello, who is well-known by his life- lasting career as a sailor, coach and vessel engineer. Vello has been desperately trying to pass his talent to his descendants but so far no one has followed his footpath.

A Comforting Light
Dir Alessandra Baltodana

A sudden accident brings the filmmaker face to face with a fear she didn’t even know she had. Through this self-reflective film she finds a comforting light that allows her to come to terms with it.

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  • BFM SuperNova (Narva mnt 27): Friday, 02.02 - 19:00