Ouaga Girls »

In Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, a small group of young women are training to become auto mechanics. Friendships blossom in the safety of the classroom, and the students laugh, cut class and share their hopes and fears. They also discover there are some helpful similarities between braiding hair and spray painting cars. Just […]

The Rebel Surgeon »

”Here nobody dies alone,” doctor Erik Erichsen summarizes the differences between Swedish and Ethiopian healthcare. He got fed up with the bureaucracy of being a doctor in Sweden and moved to Ethiopia with his wife Sennait Erichsen. At the Ethiopian clinic in Aira, where resources are scarce and the waiting room is always packed with patients, the paperwork […]

Piripkura »

Two of only three known members of the Piripkura still live as nomads in the Amazon rainforest, in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. Their most important possession is a torch that was lit in 1998 and has remained so ever since. The area where they live is encircled by farms and sawmills, whose almost […]

Nokia Mobile – We Were Connecting People »

With Nokia’s innovations Finland was steered out of depression and into leadership of the cell phone world. In 2013 Nokia’s mobile phone business was sold to Microsoft; what were the decisions that led to the demise of one of the most successful technological businesses of modern times? A story told from the perspective of the […]

Constructing Albert »

Albert Adrià has all the ingredients of a creative genius. Playing a key role in the creation of elBulli, the greatest restaurant in history, wasn’t enough. Escaping the shadow of his famous brother Ferran, Albert is seeking his own success. Language: Catalan, Spanish, English Subtitles: English, Estonian

Hobbyhorse Revolution »

Hobbyhorse Revolution is a funny and moving film about the power of imagination and the strength of a community. The film follows three young girls, Aisku, Elsa and Alisa whose lives have been transformed by their new interest: hobbyhorses. Despite a lack of understanding by some, the girls bravely and spiritedly pursue their hobby. Playing with hobbyhorses is a traditional children’s […]

Schumann’s Bar Talks »

Charles Schumann is the man behind Schumann’s – a writer, model, thinker and traveller in all things to do with bars. At 75 he appears to have seen and done it all: the man from Lower Bavaria first worked as a border guard, later gained experience in discos and bars in southern France before finally […]

Over the Limit »

For the audience, competitive rhythmic gymnastics is an art experience – like ballet. For the gymnast, it is an extremely demanding sport and brutal work – like ballet. Margarita Mamun is the sad-eyed girl in Russia’s rhythmic gymnastics team who won gold in the Rio Olympics rhythmic gymnastics all-around. During her performance, the viewers hold their […]

…When You Look Away »

How to approach something we can’t understand? Phie Ambo‘s …When You Look Away tries to do just that. It is a cinematic study of awareness beyond our physical bodies. Ambo begins an exploration, deciding to pick the people for the film through coincidental connections. The method works well, and we meet the most interesting persons, from quantum physicists […]

I Am Gagarin »

Director Olga Darfy is living a good life. She has a fine job, beautiful home and a loving family. But a nostalgic longing won’t leave her alone and she decides to search for her youth and the people from her youth. People, who brought the rave culture to Moscow. The first Gagarin Parties were held in 1991 […]